Comic Bubble Sticker your World


Mz. 420 Momentz – Comic Bubble Sticker “5 per pack” is made of high quality vinyl, protected with a UV laminate. The UV laminate helps your sticker become resistant to scratches, rain, and sunlight.

Mz. 420 Momentz estimated cut out size: 3.68″ x 3.85″
Overall sticker template size: 4″ x 4″

  • Write your message on Mz. 420 Momentz comic bubble.
  • Peel it, Stick it on your property.
  • Snap a photo and share it with the world. #420

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What’s your 420 comic bubble message to the world?

“A message that sticks, is a message of great influence,” said Mz. 420 Momentz. “So grab a permanent marker, for I got a sticker you can write on!” 

Introducing the “Mz. 420 Momentz – Comic Bubble Sticker”.

A collage of Mz. 420 Momentz comic bubble stickers.


Don’t let the size of the comic bubble sticker fool you. It has the power to make people read your message without you verbally saying a single word, just like billboard advertising.

With a permanent marker, write what ever is on your mind inside the Comic Bubble and stick it on your property. Where you place it, is solely up to you, get creative. But we do recommend you obey the law, don’t vandalize.

For maximum exposure, snap a photo and share it with the world. #420.

A quality vinyl sticker, made to endure, made to stick around.

Mz. 420 Momentz – Comic Bubble Sticker is made of durable vinyl with top layer UV laminate made to be resistance against the elements of Mother Nature.

    • 100% dishwasher safe – Need to clean that water bottle? Stays intact as you wash away the germs.
    • Scratch resistant – It’s okay if you get a little rough with it, so go ahead throw some sand at it.
    • Snow resistant – Freezing temperatures won’t be able to freeze off this sticker easily.
    • Sunlight resistant – The Sun rays will have a hard time fading this quality down, last up to 1 to 5 years depending on conditions.
    • Water resistant – Let the rain come pouring down, no soggy sticker here.
    • Wind resistant – Backed with a super sticky adhesive, winds can huff and puff all they want.

What would you write inside Mz. 420 Momentz – Comic Bubble Sticker?

We would love to read what you would write, so tell us at Contact Us. You never know, we might you send one on the house.

Additional information

Weight ...15 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in