Certified BOSS Mug for a Certified BOSS


This is Mz. 420 Momentz official coffee mug! Are you a BOSS?! Of course you are! Let this 420 design remind you are a BOSS building empires and crushing empires on your terms!

  • Est. wt. 12.85 oz. Ceramic Mug
  • FDA Compliant
  • Microwave Safe
  • UV Protected
  • Official Mz. 420 Momentz Mug design
  • A reminder to “Build Empires like a BOSS” and “Crush Empires like a BOSS”.
  • Printed in the USA

Fill this mug with your brew of choice, Snap a photo and share it with the world. #420 #Boss

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BOSS Mug, only for a certified BOSS.

Are you a certified BOSS? Of course you are. I felt your certified BOSS vibe when you first checked out this Mz. 420 Momentz BOSS Mug!

Your vibe told me you been making BOSS decisions all your life. You’ve been building and crushing empires daily like I. But sometimes we get sidetracked, we start to lose sight of our goal.

Well… lose sight no more! I present to you, the official Mz. 420 Momentz BOSS mug.

BOSS Mug, a mug with a purpose.

What makes this mug so special? Absolutely nothing… Only you can make it special.

Mz. 420 Momentz BOSS design only serves as your daily reminder, reminding you to build empires and crush empires daily on your terms.

So say goodbyeee! to those non-reminding inferior mugs and fill up this certified BOSS mug with your favorite brew.

BOSS Mug, quality and safety matters.

As a BOSS, you deserve a mug that will last. Made of high quality ceramic, which is extremely resistant to constant changes in temperatures. Therefore, making it 100% safe for microwave and refrigerator conditions. Furthermore, ceramic acts as a great insulator to keep your 11 oz. brew hot or cold a little longer, a little longer for that late night hustle.

Of course, I know safety matters to you. Rest assure, this mug is FDA Compliant, which meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety. In addition, this mug is UV protected. Meaning the mug has a UV coating that makes it scratch, fade and microbial resistant. Under those circumstances the mug is hand-wash and dishwasher safe. Always safety first.

BOSS Mug, the world needs us.

From one BOSS one to another, BOSS on. Don’t forget share this awesomeness with another BOSS on your social media outlet of choice. #420 #BOSS

BOSS, if you have any additional questions, feel free to Contact I.

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Weight ..12.85 oz