CBD Warrior BioHazard 420


Mz. 420 Momentz – BioHarzard 420 CBD FORMULA graphic tee

Graphic estimated dimensions: 12.54” x 17.98”

Durable rib neckband
Est. wt. 4.3 oz/yd² of 100% combed ring-spun cotton quality.
A smooth and tight-knight lightweight slim fit graphic tee.
For t-shirt fitment, see sizing chart.


BioHazard 420 a CBD Warrior.

If a Hollywood Director were to describe this Mz. 420 Momentz graphic tee titled “CBD Warrior BioHazard 420” in a movie summary format, it would read like this.

“In a Mz. 420 Momentz webcomic world, BioHazard 420, a young scientist is on the run for cultivating a rare hemp strain containing high levels of Medical Grade CBD. The DEA has set a one-million dollar bounty for the head of BioHazard 420, attracting bounty hunters from all over the world. BioHazard 420 must learn to rely on a network of CBD Warriors to help extract the rare Medical Grade CBD oil on time, in order to help those affected with epilepsy syndrome.”

Good enough? Well, lets get back to reality and ask, “Just who are the real world CBD Warriors?” Read on.

The Real World CBD Warrior within:

  • the Scientist, unlocking the scientific data behind Medical Grade CBD.
  • the Philosopher, embracing the Medical Grade CBD scientific data into their academics.
  • the Journalist, writing articles to shed the light on Medical Grade CBD.
  • the Social Media Trolls, sharing the MIRACLES OF Medical Grade CBD.
  • the Speaker, unifying the voice for those in need of Medical Grade CBD.
  • the Artist, expressing Medical Grade CBD in an artistic point of view.
  • the Street Advocator, waving their .99 cent poster high, as they march for Medical Grade CBD.
  • the Lawyer, defending the truth and nothing but the truth for Medical Grade CBD.
  • the Parent, finding answers in Medical Grade CBD.

A CBD Warrior you are.

“This BioHazard 420 design was inspired by CBD Warriors like you.” -D. Sou

CBD Warrior BioHazard 420 design process

And Sooo, I Started with a blank mind, with a blank canvas. Running through process of sketching and brainstorming to flush out any potential 420 ideas. For at least three weeks, I constantly sketched through expensive smooth bristol papers, paper that I love buying but my pocket disagrees.

I eventually came to produce CBD Warrior BioHazard 420, not by chance. But through inspiration from videos I discovered about CBD on the world wide web. Armed with an idea and a misprinted BOSS MUG filled archival ink pens, I produced the final look three months later. Add another month for the digital process.

My main goal was to represent CBD in the best possible way, but yet, give it a scientific feel. If scientific feel is a thing, hehe. I feel my final masterpiece, met that feel. Anyhow, if you got something positive or negative to say, I would love to read it.

To write me, simply click: www.mz420momentz.com, it will direct you to my 420 Mailbox.

Basic T-Shirt Description:

  • BioHazard 420 design press fresh when ordered. Guaranteed.
  • Fine Jersey construction
  • Durable rib neckband
  • Est. wt. 4.3 oz/yd² of 100% combed ring-spun cotton quality.
  • Unisex
  • Slim Fit
  • For t-shirt fitment, see sizing chart.

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Additional information

Weight ..4.3 oz